Ferrari Sistemi was established in the year 2002, but Mr M. Ferrari has a thirty years' experience in the robotic field. We develop high tech automatic machines and lines in order to increase the output and reduce the labour costs.



  • Arla Group (Germany)

  • Allgau Milch Kase (Germany)

  • Ambrosi (Italy)

  • Spiess (Swizerland)

  • Madeta (Czech Republic)

  • OMS Gizycko (Poland)

  • Soparing Bongrain Group - Icc Paslek (Poland)

  • OSM Ryki (Poland)

  • SM Mlekpol (Poland)

  • Tino Prosciutti (Italy)

  • Zarpellon (Italy)

  • OSM Włoszczowa (Poland)

  • Galbani Lactalis Group (Italy)

  • Agriform (Italy)

  • Tipperary (Irland)

  • Grandi Salumifici Italiani

  • Coati (Italy)

  • Parmareggio (Italy)

  • T.M.T. (Poland)

  • Cepparo Spa (Italy)

  • Spomlek (Poland)

  • OSM Myszkow (Poland)