Bagging Machine

  • Cubes of cheese (i.e.300x100x100) are placed, aligned longitudinally on the conveyor belt and move forward to the introducing area; a dedicated device creates the bag starting from a tubolar film reel and transfers it to the bag-opening-module; The bag is opened by suction and a special device gives rectangular shape to the opening sides of the bag ;A conveyor belt holds the block of cheese and transfers it inside the open bag;
  • The bagged blocks of cheese are placed on the exit conveyor belt.
  • Output: 16/22 pieces / minute depending on the product size and type.
  • This machine is placed in front of a high capacity vacuum belt machine or in front of Furokawa Cryovac machine.

IM460 Cheese Dim. 300x100x100mm
IM460 Inner Belt
IM460 3kg Pcs
IM460 3kg Pcs
IM460 3kg Pcs Printed Film
IM460 12 Kg Mozzarella.mp4
IM460 15 Kg Euroblock 500x300x100mm.mp4