Bagging machine + robot loader + vacuum belt machine + aligner

  • Cubes of cheese (500x300x100: 6/8 pcs x minute or 300x100x100 18/20 pcs x minute) are placed on the conveyor belt and move forward to the introducing area; a dedicated device creates the bag starting from a tubolar reel and transfers it to the bag-opening-module;The bag is opened by sucker while a hopper opens the bag giving a rectangular shape to the opening sides of the bag;A conveyor belt moves the cheese forward and the introducer transfers it inside the bag;
  • A robot with pliers picks up the already bagged blocks of product, it rotates them and places them on the introducing belt of the vacuum packaging-machine-module, smoothing the edges of the bag on the sealing bar.
  • The packed products out of the vacuum machine are aligned and ready to be weighed and labelled.

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